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There are quite a few things I love about my field of work.
Let me share a few of them with you!


In my opinion code can be like a big puzzle. If all the pieces fit together you get a beautiful result.


I love data. I mean it, I really love data! Fiddling with numbers and getting it displayed in a neat and fancy graph is just my thing!


Who doesn't hate repetitive work? Well I certainly do! I like to make things that are usable, not only now but also in the future!

Maintenance free

Maintenance... It is of course needed but I like to make stuff that doesn't require too much to keep it up-to-date.


Code that just simply scales. Doesn't matter if it's a user interface, website or if it is a backend.


Well yeah. Coffee!

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Dirk-Jan Wassink

Web Developer

Hello world! I am Dirk-Jan, a web developer.
Currently I am a student at the Saxion University of Applied Sience. There I study Computer Science.
In my spare time I love to develop applications, especially applications that evolve around the web. You can think of a simple website, but also about a complete web-application that includes a database, REST service and much more.
When I am not busy developing stuff I am either out with friends, watching a movie, playing the bass-guitar or just simply relaxing.
If you like to know more about me or just simply want to send me a message. Feel free to press one of the 3 buttons down here.

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  • JavaScript, Node.js, CLI?


    Started learning about Node.js a awesome platform to write a backend completely in JavaScript. Also found out that the Node Package Manager (NPM for short). Comes with some very strong tools. These managed to almost completely automatize some of my workflow. Like including frameworks. Compiling Less, minifying, concatting, eshinting and propably even some more stuff I forgot to mention.

  • Frameworks, frameworks and even more.... frameworks?

    About a year ago

    Currently more reading API's and documentations than actually writing the code myself. Web development sure changed in a few years. Still a hassle to get all the different frameworks in my projects and sometimes the conflict with each other. Surely a pain..

  • Bootstrap and PHP

    About 2 years ago

    First project with a backend. Getting pretty confident in HTML and CSS so I made a little detour to PHP and MySQL. Later on I even risked including Bootstrap in this a few websites.

  • Huh whats jQuery?

    About 3 years ago

    Good times, good times. My first project with more than only html and css is done! It's the first website spiced up with a bit of JavaScript and a bit help of jQuery, which was pretty confusing in the beginning since I kept confusing jQuery with native JavaScript. Ooh bollocks.

  • God bless CSS!

    About 6 years ago

    Finally made the switch to making a website with the use of css. A new world has opened up for me and design became a important factor in my future projects.

  • First website with a design

    About 8 years ago

    After fooling around with frames, I started working on making sites with a bit more color. To achieve this I also added images in the site. Since I didn't know alot about css and since it was pretty new, I made it with plain old tables. Not responsive at all but these layout were pretty easy to setup.

  • Started my first project

    About 10 years ago

    The first project I ever worked on was a website for a school project. It was made using frames which are kind of deprecated nowadays. Never the less it worked like a charm!

My projects


Website for a clothing repair company.


School project to make a NetFlix lookalike.

Material animated float-button

I am really digging the material look. Made a animated button.

Admin panel

Wanted a sleek admin panel which was also easy to expand.

Business card

Needed a new business card, so why not make it in html?

Flipping Diamonds

Made a Android board game for a school project.

Car App

Made a Android app mockup in html.



Band website with a custom made CMS system. (currently offline)


made a Beyoncé fansite for a customer.


Website for a console modification company. Made with a more developed version of the CMS system.


Website for a school project about home automation.

My services

See what I can do and you help you with!

Web design

Need a design for a website? I can surely help you out.

Web scripting

Already got a design but need it worked out in a real site? Feel free to get in touch.


Want people actually to do stuff with your website and communicate with a database? PHP sounds like a good plan.


Need something more than only a connecting with a database, maybe a REST service for a mobile app?


Need a complete website which you can easily edit online? There are CMS systems out there which can help you out.


Need some help with making a website responsive? I can help you make it mobile and desktop friendly.

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